Project Management

Collaboration, planning and delivery. Each and every project goes through a lifecycle of changes. The Project Management will look after the procurement, costs and deliver on timelines, all the while keeping you well informed throughout.
“You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honour.” – Aristotle.
Emerging trends are kept abreast of; it is our job to balance the budget with the technology and logistics, keeping on top of the timescale. We will be courageous with decisions and hold your best interests at the apex of all choices. The final 10% of any project is the hardest. We strive for excellence to complete so that you can start living it.


Despite installing the best equipment to the highest standards, sometimes equipment fails. Why ever that may be, it will never be a convenient time. We can be with you as part of our Servicing and Maintenance contracts. Our systems are designed as such so that many of the devices will report when there is an issue and attempt to repair remotely. No inconvenience. We offer varying levels of aftercare to you for your consideration.

Media Rooms & Home Cinema

The film industry create side-splitting Comedies, tense Action and Thrillers, romantic Love Stories, epic stories of Middle Earth and Fantasy Lands. They were made to be enjoyed in a fully immersive space. The exact environment to sit back, relax and forget about the stresses of life. We can take you on a journey, controlling the sound and the picture, connecting you with film. What better way to watch sports, concerts, next-gen gaming, even Netflix, is there?

Lighting Design and Supply

We will design layered, creative lighting whatever your budget. It can be for your wellbeing – circadian rhythm is the current vibe, exciting and colourful, or dramatic and classic. It all starts with a vision and working in collaboration with your preferred styles and interior design choices. Light brings spaces to life by illuminating them with varying levels and types. Our teams will work with your teams to present the best for your space. Getting the design right avoids costly mistakes and delay further down the line.
Often, these technical packs lead on to supplying all drivers and fixtures. The documentation will be provided to the on-site electricians with details of all fixtures and the correct driver to use in conjunction. These will only be delivered to site when required, to save on losses and damages.

Window Treatments

Privacy, light and control. The ability to dress windows with layers can provide privacy, reduce unwanted shadows, add drama or blackout a media room for the ultimate viewing experience. Whatever the purpose, our teams work out all the elements, specifying the best motors, the quietest for the most discerning. Luxurious crafted curtains are not outside the scope. These are the real finishing touches that complete the room.